Special Message from Ellen Vaillancourt

Earlier today, I advised my nomination campaign team that due to personal reasons, I am withdrawing from the Federal Liberal nomination race in New Westminster-Burnaby. I wish to thank all of my supporters and mentors – your contributions and sincere vote of confidence have been truly moving. And my profound thanks to dear friends and family who have, over the last few months, provided me with endless encouragement, unconditional love and support.

While I am withdrawing from the race, I will continue to support the Federal Liberal party and will do as much as I can to ensure we elect an excellent candidate this October, who has the political will to secure significant Federal funding resources for this riding. We are all so fortunate to live in one the most beautiful, inclusive and peaceful cities on Earth. My hope is that we can all work together, both during and after the election, to ensure we continue to build a caring, just, prosperous and beautiful community.


Ellen Vaillancourt